Luxury French linens direct from France
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Our Team has the pleasure of welcoming you to French Brand

What can be more chic than decorating your home interior with authentic French designer goods ?

City of fashion and designer creations, Paris is today the symbol of French lifestyle and chic in " haute couture " and interior decoration.

French Brand is dedicated to bringing to you the best, the most original, the real " must ", to enhance your home decor with fine and prestigious items.

French Brand is the international extension of a company created in France in 1985 which specializes in home decoration, refined materials and fashion fabrics, called "Star-Tissus". The founder, Mr. Didier Lacau, devoted to his profession and art, has followed in an old family tradition by continuing to work in the field of textiles. His ingenuity and willingness to satisfy his clients' needs, have pushed him into creating French Brand in order to provide quality products and services to customers around the world.

French Brand is committed to offering authentic designer goods, accessories of superior quality and of well-known brands such as Cacharel, jacquard Francais, Beauvill, Anne de Sol鈩e, Descamps, Alexandre Turpault etc....(app. 200 brands).

We provide a complete line of bed linens, towels, draperies and decorative items, along with a wide range of other products.

Our team's priority is "customer service and satisfaction", guaranteeing quality and efficiency.

Do not hesitate to look at and to enjoy our wonderfully affordable quality products.

Enjoy shopping with us!

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